We are Celebrating 10yrs. Serving Columbus, Ohio

February 19, 2011
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PODS Columbus Ohio Storage Leader PODS® is a locally owned and operated franchise, right here in the Columbus, Ohio metro Area. Owners and managers, Adina and Marc Pelletier opened in 2001 and now operate PODS® from their newly built 89,000 square foot secure PODS® climate controlled storage center in the Big Run Industrial Park.

PODS® provides a unique way for local residents and businesses to move or store. In the past, moving and storage was stressful – one had to fret over renting a truck, finding a reliable mover, asking friends for help, making multiple trips back and forth, and there always seemed to be unexpected cost. It was inconvenient, uncontrollable, and everything seemed to have to be done in just one day. But not with a PODS® brand container!

Columbus Ohio PODS® will deliver a clean, empty PODS® container when and where you want. Take your time to load, it’s the same price for 1 day or 30. You don’t have to pay for gas or drive the truck, and there are never any hidden charges! The PODS® container is positioned at ground level for easy loading (with no ramps to contend with). PODS® can move your container to to a new destination or to their brand new, climate controlled, safe storage center located in Grove City. For added convenience, PODS® allows unlimited visits to your stored container.

PODS® has reinvented the moving and storage industry with its patented hydraulic lift system. It was designed to move the storage container up and down, level with the ground at all times, eliminating content shifting while being loaded on the truck for transport. And of coarse the PODS® Staff does all the driving, whether it be across town, across the country, or even internationally.

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